Fellows House


Please note the garage is actually on the Grove and parking on Castle Road is limited to two hours for non-residents (NB: these spaces are not directly outside the house but slightly further towards Cowes - they are clearly signed - please note the traffic wardens are very strict in Cowes). It is usually best to unload on Castle Road and then drive around to the garage.

How to get to the garage

To get to the garage (at the back of Fellows House) drive back up Castle Road away from Cowes towards Baring Road. At the junction turn right and go down the hill, but almost immediately there is a little gravel road on the right - it is a tight angle from the top of the hill and may be easier to turn around at the bottom of the hill. The Grove is a private road and you will see clamping notices. Please be careful when you drive into the Grove as the large white wall on your left has claimed many wing mirrors over the years. Drive along the Grove for about 30 metres and on the right you will see a wooden door with the number 27 on it - this is the rear entrance to Fellows House. Just after this wooden door is the garage (an open fronted car port) - there is room for two cars.

Please note that although the Grove is not officially a one way road all the locals only drive one way, which is towards Cowes (i.e. follow the way you came in). To return to the front of the house just drive to the end of the Grove, turn right and right again and you are on Castle Road.

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