Fellows House


The quickest option is via the Red Jet (operated by Red Funnel) from Southampton to West Cowes, which only takes 23 minutes and is then a five minute walk to the house (please note they do not allow bicycles on this service - you would need to get the car ferry instead). There is long-term parking at each of the ports if required.

Depending where you're travelling from, the Portsmouth to Fishbourne is a good option as it goes every 30 minutes (at peak times) - so less wait if you happen to miss it, and if you turn up a bit early you can often get on the earlier ferry. The crossing is also short at only 40 minutes.

There is also a hovercraft service that runs in good weather from Portsmouth to Ryde which takes 10 minutes.

The primary ferry options for getting to Cowes from the mainland are shown below:

Southampton to West Cowes - Red Jet Passenger Ferry - www2.redfunnel.co.uk

Portsmouth to Fishbourne - Car Ferry - www.wightlink.co.uk

Portsmouth to Ryde - Fastjet Passenger Ferry - www.wightlink.co.uk

Southampton to East Cowes - Car Ferry - www2.redfunnel.co.uk

Lymington to Yarmouth - Car Ferry - www.wightlink.co.uk

Portsmouth to Ryde - Hovercraft - www.hovertravel.co.uk

For directions on how to get to the ports please see 'Directions'.

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